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We are Building a world where people living with HIV/AIDS, do not only survive, but also live their best lives.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable healthcare professionals with the aim of providing medical and social support services to people living with HIV (PLHIV).

We bridge the HIV care gap in Africa by leveraging on digital technologies to provide education, adherence counselling and/or motivational interviewing, advocacy, and enhance linkage to and retention in care.
We also render social support services for PLHIV through establishing and maintaining non-judgemental care relationship with our clients.

At the core of our client-centred approach, lies confidentiality of patient information as people living with or affected by HIV experience high levels of stigma and discrimination.
People living with HIV need to engage with treatment and care throughout their lifetime. Therefore, whether you would like to get accurate information on HIV/AIDS, speak with a counselor, get tested, we are here for you!

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— Our Mission

To prevent HIV transmission, provide linkage to HIV testing, counselling and treatment services, provide sexual and reproductive health education, reduce stigma, improve adherence to antiretoviral therapy and provide support for people living with HIV.

— Our Vision

Stand4AIDS envisions a society where there are no new cases of HIV infection and where those living with the virus, do not only survive, but also thrive.

What We Do


— We strengthen

We strengthen HIV care provision in Africa through e-health interventions which are already being used within the global HIV response. Our m-health, telehealth and social media approaches enable people with HIV to be more in control of their health service experiences. This means that we are able to reach key populations and foster the exchange of information between HIV clients and medical personnel.


— We educate

Education is a cost-effective tool to prevent HIV/AIDS as it provides people with the knowledge and skills to make the right choices that would prevent infection and transmission of the virus. It also has the power to reduce stigmatization and discrimination against HIV-positive persons. Therefore, promoting HIV awareness through digital platforms and offline is one of our core objectives.


— We provide care

On a mission to reduce the rates of ill-health and AIDS-related deaths among people living with HIV, we give care and support services to people diagnosed with HIV. This includes adherence to therapy support, counseling and testing support, social, economic, mental and emotional support, and access to sexual and reproductive health services.


— Build a network

Adopting a peer-to-peer approach, we bring together, young people living with HIV to openly discuss HIV issues, psychosocial and financial issues as they affect them. This peer support mechanism aims to increase access to medication adherence and improve clinical outcomes for all.

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Email : support@stand4aids.org

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